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At Horse Power for Kids & Animal Sanctuary, we are a licensed facility that houses a large variety of exotic animals, such as: lemurs, wolves, praire-dogs, red-foxes, codamundi, cavi, marmosets, cabbybarra’s, birds, bush babies, reptiles, just to name a few. Come see our animals from all over the world, in one beautiful setting.

Tampa Petting Zoo

Horse Power for Kids & Animal Sanctuary, is a unique petting zoo and animal sanctuary. We house approximately 200 various animals, ranging over 80 species. Some of our animals include horses, petting zoo animals, reptiles, birds, and exotic animals. Our animals are given a safe and caring home who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Our animals are primarily donated from private homes. We are a self-supported organization. We support ourselves by individual donations, volunteer help, and the services we offer.

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